The Client

The Play Box is an adult subscription box based out of Los Angeles, CA. They’re not just a box with toys and novelty items, though – The Play Box is an invigorating professionally curated Sexual Roadmap that empowers growth, sensual healing, and a stronger sense of self-fulfillment.

The Request

Having been left high and dry by their first web designer and eager to launch their product I met with the founders to find out more about their desires. What they were searching for was an upscale luxury branding for their service. They did not want to blend into the triple x landscape that often overlooks the long term sexual relationships formed between couples.

The Website

Taking inspiration from luxury brands around the world, and bring over the aspects of their half finished website that they liked – I was able to bring this project to completion. The website allows couples searching to maximize their sexual relationship to get what they want without feeling like they are walking into a sketchy sex shop. Customers can subscribe to different levels of the play box and will be billed automatically. Active subscribers also receive a discount automatically on any purchases in the store. Stock levels are automatically updated three times daily – meaning the owners don’t have to worry about selling something that is out of stock.