The Client

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies is a nonprofit think tank which promotes ideas about how technological progress can increase freedom, happiness, and human flourishing in democratic societies. They believe that technological progress can be a catalyst for positive human development so long as we ensure that technologies are safe and equitably distributed.

The Request

IEET desperately needed to have their site completely redesigned, from mobile to desktop. The previous site lacked a solid UX causing information overload and confusion to visitors. My goal was to provide them with a professional look to match their solid academic line up – while giving the user a better experience on the site.

The Website

The first part of the redesign process began by reviewing designs for well respected universities and other academic journals. This allowed me to put together a solid rough draft of where I wanted to take the website.

After the board reviewed my draft we moved forward with applying the design to all pages and elements across the website.
With everyone satisfied, I moved forward with making the design responsive.

After the final review of the website on all devices, a couple of changes, and the SSL activated we launched the site!