SEO Temecula

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps people find your website on search engines like Google. First Class Code provides keyword research to uncover the most common terms people use when they search for businesses that are similar to yours. From there I incorporate those terms into the pages of your website in places where search engines look for them. SEO doesn’t stop there though, as there are many factors search engines consider that are not just on your website, such as back links. Hiring the wrong person to perform these tasks can result in a lower rank, or even worse – black listing from Google!

Ranking Nationally

If you sell products or services that are not confined to a local area you will want to rank on the national level. This means no matter what city or state someone is searching from they will see your business. Ranking nationally is often more competitive because the reach is much more broad, meaning more sales for you.

Ranking Locally

Nearly a third of all Google searches now show local intent, and 76% of people who search on their smartphone visit a business within a day. If you offer products or services locally you need to be in the top 3 map positions or you are losing out on sales. Even if you do not have a storefront it is possible to show up in local results.

Keyword Research

A common mistake is ranking for a set of terms you think are receiving searches but ending up with no new traffic or leads. This is a costly mistake that can be avoided by learning more about the terms you want to rank for, and even finding terms with better opportunity that you may not have though of on your own.

Pay Per Click

While Pay Per Click (PPC) isn’t exactly SEO it can work alongside your SEO plan, or even on it’s own. PPC will generate targeted traffic instantly. I have experience with Facebook Ads, Adwords, & Google Shopping. All of which have the ability to target your customer base to start generating new traffic and leads within 24 hours.

If you are interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization and the different factors that come into play I highly recommend this Beginner’s Guide To SEO. This handy 10 chapter guide will explain the process used to rank your website on search engines.