Temecula Web Design

The Client

Vaporcatch is a service that purchases used herbal vaporizer devices. Since 2014 they have been providing a safe, discreet, and convenient way to turn used and unwanted vaporizers into cash.

The Request

Vaporcatch needed a system that allowed them to digitally assess the value of a customers device and make an offer on it – automatically.

The Website

System Flow

  • User Selects Device From List
  • User Selects Condition & Accessories Of Device
  • User Inputs Their Contact Information
  • User Describes Device & Uploads Photo
  • Condition & Included Accessories Information Generates Automated Quote
  • Quote Is Sent To User With Offer & Link To Accept The Offer
  • If The Offer Is Accepted Admin Is Notified
  • Admin Reviews Device Condition & Pictures In Admin Panel
  • Device Reflects User Input: User Receives Contract Which They Digitally Sign
  • Device Does Not Reflect User Input: Admin Can Revise & Resend Offer

System Features

  • Admin Panel With Ability To Add & Remove Vaporizers
  • Ability To Set & Update Payouts Based On Device Conditions & Accessories
  • Offers & Contracts Stored Securely In Database