The Client

The Professional Personal Trainers Association also known as “PROPTA” is one of the leading educational bodies in the United States and worldwide for educating fitness and nutrition professionals. PROPTA was established in 1980 by noted bodybuilder and Mr. USA title holder Joe Antouri, and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The Request

PROPTA has been offering courses to fitness & nutrition professionals on paper and in-person for years. However, founder Joe Antouri was ready to offer a complete online solution to his students. He was looking to have a site where students could take a course from start to finish with as much automation as possible and the ability to do all of that on any device.

The Website

Course Features:

  • Register & Pay Online
  • Progress Tracker
  • HTML5 Responsive Lesson Content
  • Lesson Quizzes & Final Exam With Automatic Grading
  • Course Time Limit
  • Lock Out After Course Time Exceeded
  • Ability To Pay Late Fee & Automatically Re-Activate Course
  • Manage Students & Track Progress

Site Features

  • Registration & Payment For Offline Courses
  • Automated Payment Plans
  • Custom Youtube Video Gallery
  • Flashcards For Studying
  • Integration with QuickBooks Payments